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* [Important notice] SSJDA will stop data usage application service from August 1 (Thu) to August 18 (Sun), 2024, Japan time. Early application is greatly appreciated.
* Permission to download is valid for 30 days after the day such permission is granted. To download data after this date, please re-apply for permission to download.
* When using the data for educational purposes, the data usage period is one year. It is possible to get student list from "Applying for Data Use".
* Direct any questions to SSJDA-Direct at
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SSJDA Direct Terms of Use

SSJDA Direct is an online system for applying for access to the archive of raw statistical data deposited with the SSJ Data Archive by contributing institutions. SSJDA Direct is operated by the Center for Social Research and Data Archives affiliated with the Institute of Social Science at The University of Tokyo. Users may apply to use this data through SSJDA Direct's online application system, most data sets are available for download through SSJDA Direct.
In order to access the SSJDA Direct archives, it is necessary for all users to agree to the following Terms of Use.

1. Maintenance of Secrecy
I will not perform analysis in such a way as to be able to identify individual respondents.

2. Usage Restrictions
I will not perform secondary analysis for any non-academic purposes.
Some data is available for use for educational purposes.
If I apply to use this data for educational purposes, I will not use the data for any non-educational purposes.

3. Faculty Consent for Use by Graduate Students
Graduate students must obtain the approval of a faculty member to apply for data use.
When graduate students apply to use the system, an e-mail is sent to the faculty member's e-mail address entered by the student.
The faculty member who receives the e-mail then logs in to SSJDA Direct and gives consent for the student to apply for the data. After the faculty member acknowledges his/her consent for the application, the application will be reviewed by SSJDA. Once approved, the student will be able to officially apply through SSJDA Direct's online system.

4. Clear Labeling of Sources (Citation)
Users of the SSJ Data Archive are required to clearly indicate the source of their data when presenting the results of their secondary analyses.

[Citation sample]
The data for this secondary analysis, "name of the survey, name of the depositor," was provided by the Social Science Japan Data Archive, Center for Social Research and Data Archives, Institute of Social Science, The University of Tokyo.

5. Submitting Copies of Publications
When reporting the results of a secondary analysis in a thesis or report using data from the SSJ Data Archive (including conference presentations), I will submit an Output Report and send required number of printed copies of the document(s) to the SSJ Data Archive.

6. Change in User Information
If there is any change in my user information, I will update that information registered with SSJDA Direct immediately.

7. Questions
I will direct any questions regarding the raw data that I use, as well as questions about data collection methods to the SSJ Data Archive, and will not make inquiries directly to the depositor of the data.

8. Dealing with Problems
If any problem arises, I will obey any directions given by the SSJ Data Archive.

9. Exemption from Responsibility
In the event that I incur any loss or damages as a result of using SSJDA Direct, I will hold neither the depositor of the survey nor the SSJ Data Archive responsible in any way.

I agree to the above Terms of Use. Proceed with User Registration.