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Survey Number 0189
Survey Title Gallup International Millenium Survey, 1999
Depositor Nippon Research Center
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Summary This survey conducted by Gallup International aims to find out, as we enter the new millennium, the current consciousness of people in the world and their expectations for the future.? This is a huge international survey with a population of 1.25 billion of 60 countries .? The survey covers a wide variety of subjects, such as environmental problem, one's value and important things in one's life, political consciousness, status of women, religious consciousness, anti-crime measures, United Nations and consciousness of human rights, etc.? It was clarified as a result that two-thirds of the people are thinking that their native countries are not governed by the will of the people, and that democracy is weak in many of the places in the world.? The survey in Japan was conducted by Nippon Research Center, Ltd.
Unit of Observation Individual
Sample Size 53851. The number varies from 462 (Pakistan) to 2001 (Turkey).? 1321 effective response obtained in Japan.?
Time Period August-October 1999.
Spatial Unit Countries where the survey was conducted and the number of effective response obtained are as follows:
[Western Europe]
Austria 780, Belgium 1001, Denmark 1001, Finland 1049, France 1006, Germany 1004, Iceland 619, Ireland 1395, Italy 1001, Luxembourg 500, Netherlands 902, Norway 552, Spain 602, Sweden 1000, Switzerland 502, U.K. 1022, total of 16 Western European countries 13936.

[Eastern Europe]
Armenia 800, Belarus 1009, Bosnia 500, Bulgaria 1104, Croatia 998, Czech 500, Estonia 487, Macedonia 820, Georgia 1013, Hungary 1000, Kazakhstan 500, Latvia 504, Lithuania 1003, Poland 968, Rumania 1350, Russia 2000, Slovak 1000, Ukraine 1200, total of 18 Eastern European countries 16756.

Cameroon 1001, Ghana 1002, Nigeria 1030, total of 3 African countries 3033.

China 578, Hong Kong 509, Japan 1321, South Korea 1509, Malaysia 1014, Pakistan 462, Philippines 1000, Singapore 506, Taiwan 526, Thailand 510, Turkey 2001, total of 11 Asian countries 9936.

[North America]
Canada 1038, Dominican Republic 500, U.S.A. 1005, total of 3 North American countries 2543.

[Latin America]
Argentine 1513, Bolivia 1326, Chili 605, Columbia 1000, Ecuador 660, Mexico 515, Paraguay 500, Peru 1001, Uruguay 527, total of 9 Latin American countries 7647.
Sampling Procedure
Mode of Data Collection Interview
Investigator Member organizations of Gallup International in each country (The survey in Japan was conducted by Nippon Research Center, Ltd.).
Sponsors (Funds)
Related Publications (by the Investigator) Gallup International Association "Gallup International Millennium Memorial Survey," Nippon Research Center, Ltd.
Related Publications (based on Secondary Analysis) List of related publications (based on Secondary Analysis)
Documentation [Chosa-hyo][Abstract]
Major Survey Items Environmental problem: satisfaction in the overall environment of the respondent's county, evaluation of the government's effort, which of the two is prioritized, economic growth or protection of environment, environmental problems which would be a threat to the entire world.
Democracy: existence of the government by the people, justice in election, evaluation of the national government.

Religion: frequency of worship, the respondent's religion, the respondent's thoughts on religion, the importance of God in life, whether the respondent pray or meditate, thoughts on faith.

Women's rights: whether equality of men and women exist in the respondent's country, consciousness of equality of men and women.

Crime: anxiety for crime in the respondent's country, in comparison with 5 years ago, evaluation of government effort in eradicating crime, evaluation of gun regulation of the respondent's country, purpose of order of imprisonment, pros and cons of death penalty.

Value: important things and unimportant things in life.

United Nations: satisfaction in the UN activities up until the present, the role of the UN, which would be important in the future.

Basic human rights: the level of respect for The Declaration of Human Rights, overall respect for human rights in the respondent's country, numbers of countries that use torture, existence of torture in the respondent's country, measures to be taken to eradicate torture.

Y2K problem: the recognition of Y2K problem, level of anxiety, effect on human life, recognition of the development of measures to be taken.
Date of Release 2003/03/06
Version Registered on March?6, 2003
Topics Society/Culture
Notes for Users Some of the countries do not have answers to particular questions.
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