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Survey Number 0199
Survey Title Survey of Companies in Sri Lanka, 1990
Depositor Institute of Developing Economies
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Summary This survey is a part of the 1990 research project on middle- and small-sized enterprises in developing countries conducted by the Project Team on the Analysis of the Economic Development of the Institute of Developing Economies, entrusted by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry. While investigating the current situation of the middle- and small-sized enterprise in developing countries, the research project aims to analyze the problems those enterprises have and clarify the ways in which Japan could help develop the industries in developing countries and at the same time foster the middle- and small-sized enterprises.
Data Type quantitative research: micro data
Universe Middle- and small-sized enterprises in Sri Lanka
Unit of Observation Organization
Sample Size 299 samples
Date of Collection 1990-08 ~ 1990-09
Aug-Sep, 1990
Time Period 1990 ~ 1990
Spatial Unit Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka; Colombo District, Ganpaha District, Kalutara District, Kandy District
Sampling Procedure
Mode of Data Collection Self-administered questionnaire
Distribution and collection of the survey sheet was done by the Department of Economics, University of Colombo
Investigator Institute of Developing Economies; the Department of Economics, University of Colombo
DOI 10.34500/SSJDA.0199
Sponsors (Funds) Entrusted by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry
Related Publications (by the Investigator) "Hatten-tojokoku Chu-sho Kigyo Kenkyu Hokokusho (Dai-san Bunsatsu)---Sri Lanka [Report on the Research of Middle- and Small-sized Enterprises in Developing Countries (vol. 3)---Sri Lanka]" March 1991, Institute of Developing Economics
Related Publications (based on Secondary Analysis) List of related publications (based on Secondary Analysis)
Major Survey Items [General]
(1) General situation of the enterprises: year of foundation of the enterprise; founder; capital; the kind of organization; number of employees
(2) Managerial attribute; status, age, birthplace, race, religion, father's occupation, school education, first job or not, previous occupation, reason for starting the enterprise, where technology and management capability were learned, affiliation and validity of associations etc, other sources of income.
(3) Production and technology; output of main products, mechanization, situation of equipment's, machine production start time, operation days and hours, person in charge of production plans, change of production plans, raw material, packing, etc for the past five years, quality control method, stock management, engineers' average skillful period, engineer training methods, the existence, the number, cost and new technical development of the research and development division, measures for technical innovation, measures for improvement in technical of employees.
(4) Supply of raw material; quality and stable supply of domestic raw material, amount of injection and import rate of raw material and middle articles in 1985 & 1989, reason for import raw-material use.
(5) Employee; unskilled workers' hometown, recruiting area of engineers and skilled workers, the average length of working, the number of employees, the reason for unemployment for the past two years, the number of recruited employees and the reason for recruiting for 1989, employees' school education, the existence of labor union participation, evaluation of relation with employees, policy for maintaining a good relation with employees, the problem about employees, the degree of influence of wages regulation.
(6) Market; rate of domestic sale and export, marketing channel, reason for not exported, intention to start export in the future, preparation action for exporting, subcontract relations, the evaluation and future prospect of selling achievements.
(7) Financial affairs; source of funds of fixed capital and working capital, gross sales, production costs, change of the average starting salary classified by occupational description, wage level compared other companies, the importance of unions and government regulation in determination of wages, the purpose for spending of profits.
(8) Problems and bail-out packages; general evaluation of companies (the past, the present condition, and future prospect), difficult points encountered, problems on finances, difficult points when carrying out source-of-revenue reservation, the a point with a difficult source-of-revenue reservation top, problems on marketing, competition partners, the degree of cognition of the small-and-medium-sized-enterprises promotion policy, the existence of bounty receipt, and the governmental assistance received by the export policy.
Main export products, amount of export, channel of export, export start time, motives of an export start, export places and export quota, export competitiveness (prices and quality), competitive power strengthening means, competition partner country, measures for the increase of export, support received by the export policy, difficult points about export production, export policy expected to the government.
[Subcontract relations]
Reasons for receiving subcontracts, reason taken out to subcontracts, the number of partner points of subcontracts, ratio, contents, etc. of subcontracts, contents of assistance from the partner points, contents of technical instruction, contents of dealings with subcontracts (existence of a subcontract document, determination methods of prices, payment methods, quality control, rate the supplied products were refused, situation of delivered terms, whether orders were periodical and stable, whether the partner points are protecting agreement, reason for not protecting), reasons chosen as subcontract partner, problem about subcontracts, general evaluation about subcontracts, satisfaction with the present relations, future prospect of subcontracts, intention of future dealings, protection measures about subcontracts.
Date of Release 2001/09/12
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