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Survey Number 0745
Survey Title Questionnaire Survey for the Reduction of Working Hours, 2009
Depositor Council of Japan Construction Industry Employees' Unions
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Summary This survey was conducted in order to gain a detailed understanding of the working hours, living conditions, and mental health awareness of members of unions affiliated with the Council of Japan Construction Industry Employees’ Unions (JCU), feeding the findings back into initiatives related to shorter working hours conducted by JCU and its member unions, and thereby contributing to improvements in working conditions across the board.

In November every year, JCU conducts a survey with approximately 25% of union members (approximately 10,000 people) to gather information on their working hours. Since 1972, this survey has shed light on the work environment in the construction industry for 37 years now, while adapting the content of the questions to suit changes in society. This is the most extensive and consistent survey on white-collar workers in the construction industry.

For this survey, the annual Questionnaire Survey for the Reduction of Working Hours was implemented in combination with the Living Conditions/Attitudes Survey conducted every three years, and the questions relating to mental health in particular were enhanced.
Data Type quantitative research: micro data
Universe Members of Council of Japan Construction Industry Employees' Unions
Unit of Observation Individual
Sample Size Sample size: 11,239
Valid responses: 8,802
Valid response rate: 78.3%
Date of Collection 2009-11-01 ~ 2009-11-01
Time Period 2009 ~ 2009
Spatial Unit
Sampling Procedure Non-probability: Quota
A sample of approximately 25% of all union members were surveyed.

Questionnaires were distributed in line with the number of members in each member union and the profile of members in terms of age, gender, occupation type, etc.
Mode of Data Collection Questionnaire forms and answer sheets distributed in digital format (data files)

Collection method: sent by union branch to union headquarters to JCU
Investigator Council of Japan Construction Industry Employees' Unions
DOI 10.34500/SSJDA.0745
Sponsors (Funds)
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Documentation [Questionnaire]
Major Survey Items 1. Personal attributes
- Gender, age, number of family members, number of children/development phase, location of workplace

2. Occupation type, job duties, availability of overtime pay  

3. Income
- 2009 gross income, spouse’s employment status, compared to the previous year

4. Household budget
- expenditure, educational expenses, living conditions, total saving amount, type of residence

5. Working hours
- Time use, number of non-scheduled working hours, Taking days off, number of annual paid leave days taken, reason for doing overtime

6. Work-related stress
- Anxiety about health, current job situation, work in general, workplace organization, workplace organization, sleep situation, treatment of stress

7. Work-life balance
- Awareness of work-life balance, about current overall working hours, level of satisfaction with life and home life, relocation for work while leaving the family behind

8. Life consciousness
- Worry about life after retirement and living expenses, awareness of nursing care

9. Attraction and attitude to work
- Attractiveness of the construction industry, dissatisfaction with human resource evaluation system, work efforts, purpose to work, intention to continue working

10. Regarding worksite/job transfer leave
- Worksite format, number of workers assigned, days off, efforts for unified worksite closures on Saturdays,number of days until transfer, taking days off other than Saturday/Sunday/holidays, experience of near-miss incidents
*For details of survey items, please refer to the questionnaire.
Date of Release 2011/12/28
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Topics in SSJDA Employment/Labor
Version 1 : 2011-12-28
Notes for Users Variable and value labels are written in Japanese.
While the Council of Japan Construction Industry Employees’ Unions “Questionnaire Survey for the Reduction of Working Hours” is administered annually to union members, it is not a panel survey.