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Survey Number 0793
Survey Title Fact-finding Survey on Women's Makeup Behavior/Attitudes (Skincare and Makeup Volume), 2010
Depositor POLA Research Institute of Beauty & Culture
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Educational Purpose Available for both research and instructional purposes.
Period of Data Use Permission One year
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Summary The POLA Research Institute of Beauty & Culture was established in 1976 to engage in research into beauty and, in particular, multifaceted investigations into “cosmetic culture” through the lenses of humanities and the social sciences. The Institute conducts research into the lifestyles and makeup-related attitudes/behavior of contemporary women and makes the reports of such research publicly available through the POLA Cosmetic Culture Information Center and its website.

This is a fixed-point survey on cosmetics that began in 2007. It is positioned as a fundamental survey for the POLA Research Institute of Beauty & Culture. In 2010, the institute conducted a single survey on both skincare and makeup and released them in a skincare and makeup volume.

This survey continues from the previous year’s survey in gathering information from 1,500 women on the state of and attitudes toward their skincare and makeup practices, and their beauty behaviors. It also investigates and analyzes in detail the state of skin irritation and measures against it, and purchasing channels for and purchases of cosmetics, among other topics.
Data Type quantitative research: micro data
Universe Women aged 15 to 64 years living in the Greater Tokyo Area (Saitama, Chiba, Tokyo, and Kanagawa prefectures)
*Excluding junior high school students
Unit of Observation Individual
Sample Size 1,500 people
(150 people in each age group: 15–19, 20–24, 25–29, 30–34, 35–39, 40–44, 45–49, 50–54, 55–59, 60–64)
Date of Collection 2010-05-19 ~ 2010-05-24
Time Period 2010 ~ 2010
Spatial Unit aitama
The Greater Tokyo Area (Saitama/Chiba/Tokyo/Kanagawa prefectures) *All places of residence
Sampling Procedure
Mode of Data Collection Internet survey
Investigator POLA Research Institute of Beauty & Culture
DOI 10.34500/SSJDA.0793
Sponsors (Funds)
Related Publications (by the Investigator) POLA Research Institute of Beauty & Culture survey reports (published on the the institute’s website, among other places)
- “Josei no keshō kōdō/ishiki ni kansuru jittai chōsa sukinkea/mēku hen 2010” [Fact-finding survey on women’s cosmetic behavior and attitudes, skincare and makeup volume, 2010] (5.6 MB) 2010/9/29 (in Japanese)
- “Hada are no jōkyō” [State of skin irritation] (1.3 MB) 2010/10/13 (in Japanese)
- “Keshōhin kōnyū chaneru to kōnyū jōkyō” [Purchasing channels for and purchasing of cosmetics] (991 KB) 2010/11/10 (in Japanese)
The following are paper medium publications.
- “@ risāchi: Mēku daisuki ha VS mēku ga suki de nai ha” [@research: The group who love makeup versus the group who do not like makeup], Keshō Bunka PLUS, vol. 4, 2011, POLA Research Institute of Beauty & Culture (in Japanese)
- “Sukinkea kōi no jittai 2010” [Actual state of skincare actions, 2010], Makie, no. 31, June 2011, POLA Research Institute of Beauty & Culture (in Japanese)
Related Publications (based on Secondary Analysis) List of related publications (based on Secondary Analysis)
Documentation [Questionnaire]
Major Survey Items (1) Skincare attitude and behavior
- Things that respondent considers important in daily life, skincare and other things, usage of/purchase amounts for skincare items, expectations and actual feelings of skincare effects

(2) Makeup attitude and behavior
- Positive feelings about applying makeup, frequency of applying makeup, time required to apply makeup, usage of/purchase amounts for makeup items

(3) Cosmetic purchasing channels
- Purchasing channels for skincare cosmetics, purchasing channels for makeup cosmetics

(4) Beauty behaviors other than skincare/makeup
- Beauty behaviors other than skincare/makeup, experience and intention to perform in the future
- Attitude in everyday life

(5) Skin irritation
- State/symptoms of skin irritation, level of/motivation for improvements to skin irritation, when respondent feels her skin is irritated, things that make respondent notice skin irritation in others

(6) Expenditure for living
- State of expenditure for living/intentions for the future

(7) Face items
- Age, place of residence, marital status, presence of children, industry, occupation, annual household income, annual personal income, amount of pocket money

*For details of survey items, please refer to the questionnaire.
Date of Release 2012/09/12
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Consumption and consumer behaviour
General health and well-being
Gender and gender roles
Topics in SSJDA Society/Culture
Version 1 : 2012-09-12
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