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Survey Number 0899
Survey Title Survey on State of New Business Start-ups (special surveys), 2013
Depositor Japan Finance Corporation Research Institute
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Educational Purpose Only available for research.
Period of Data Use Permission One year
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Summary The “Survey on State of New Business Start-ups” has been conducted continuously since 1969 for the purpose of apprehending the state of new business. Since 1991, it has been conducted annually, resulting in the accumulation of data such as age at the start of new business and start-up costs, which can be used for time series comparisons, as well as the carrying out of analyses from a variety of viewpoints.

As of 2000, the survey excluded the real estate rental industry. Further, in line with the inauguration of the Japan Finance Corporation in October 2008, the Japan Finance Corporation Research Institute took over the operation of the survey from its predecessor, the National Life Finance Corporation Research Institute.

This is a “survey on management at founding” that was conducted as a special survey for the “Survey on State of New Business Start-ups, 2013” (SSJDA survey number 0898), targeting companies that had received financing from the Japan Finance Corporation Micro Business and Individual Unit and Small and Medium Enterprise Unit between April 2012 and March 2013 and had been trading for five years or less (including companies yet to start trading) at the point of funding. It includes survey items on attributes and career of manager, start-up funding and procuring funding, etc. In this survey, the item, “the current status of start-ups by women in Japan,” was added as it has recently been considered of vital importance to financial revitalization in a society with a declining birthrate.
Data Type quantitative research: micro data
Universe Companies within five years of startup at the time of financing (including companies yet to start trading)
Unit of Observation Organization
Sample Size Sample size: 12,813, number of responses: 3,011 (response rate: 23.5%)
Date of Collection 2013-08-01 ~ 2013-08-01
Time Period 2013 ~ 2013
Spatial Unit Japan
Sampling Procedure Non-probability: Availability
12,813 companies within five years of startup (including companies yet to start trading) at the time of financing were surveyed from among the companies financed by the Japan Finance Corporation Micro Business and Individual Unit and Small and Medium Enterprise Unit between April 2012 and March 2013.
Mode of Data Collection Self-administered questionnaire: Paper
Mail survey (anonymous questionnaire)
Investigator Japan Finance Corporation Research Institute
DOI 10.34500/SSJDA.0899
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Documentation [ Questionnaire ]
Major Survey Items (1) Business overview
Management type, franchise affiliation, main customers, location of main business, number of employees, full-time executive officers/regular employees at startup, etc.

(2) Attributes and career of manager
Age at the time of startup, gender, highest level of educational attainment, experience in current industry, managerial experience, experience of managing a company, occupation immediately before startup/size by number of employees/reason for leaving employment, etc.

(3) State of family and income
Marital status, occupation of spouse (before startup/current), family structure, division of labor for housework and childrearing, feeling of burden from housework/childrearing/nursing care, monthly income of manager him or herself and family, level of satisfaction before starting the business (income/work/personal life)

(4) History leading to start-up
Month and year of business start-up, things emphasized at founding, desires concerning income, motivation/trigger for starting business, acquisition of business skills/know-how/ ideas, presence/absence of model managers/entrepreneurs

(5) Preparations for start-up
People who offered advice for the plan to open business, start-up costs and sources for procuring them, thoughts on the cost of start a business, measures taken to reduce the cost of starting a business, support measures you used at the time of start-up/support measures respondent wanted, etc.

(6) Thoughts on and efforts of management
Important things in business management, securing clients/customers at start-up efforts to make work easier, thoughts on future business size (sales, future stock listing)

(7) Management after start-up
Monthly sales (forecast/actual), current sales/profit status, current business conditions compared to competitors, supporting household budget with business income, working hours per week, comparison with right before start-up (income/working hours), current level of satisfaction (sales/work/personal life), worries before starting business, current difficulties, people to consult regarding management issues

(8) Current state of start-ups by women in Japan
Percentage of female entrepreneurs in the country, useful support measures for female entrepreneurs

*For details of survey items, please refer to the questionnaire.
Date of Release 2014/11/17
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Version 1 : 2014-11-17
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