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Survey Number 1140
Survey Title The Survey on Bioethics, 2014
Depositor Public Opinion Research Division, NHK Broadcasting Culture Research Institute
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Summary This survey was carried out for the purpose of investigating the life views held by Japanese people, in the context of increasing options for life enabled by developments in medical treatment such as egg donation, surrogate birth, prenatal diagnosis, and organ donation in brain death. It includes items that can be compared with the similar Public Opinion Survey on Science and Technology and Society of 2002.
Data Type quantitative research
quantitative research: micro data
Universe Japanese citizens aged 16 and over in Japan
Unit of Observation Individual
Sample Size 2,470 people(Response rate: 68.6%)
Date of Collection 2014-10-18 ~ 2014-10-26
October 18 (Saturday) – 26 (Sunday), 2014
Time Period 2014 ~ 2014
Spatial Unit Japan
Sampling Procedure Probability: Stratified
Probability: Multistage
From a target population of citizens aged 16 and over, 3,600 individuals (12 individuals x 300 locations) were selected from the basic resident register by two-stage stratified random sampling (individuals thought to be non-Japanese were excluded from those recorded in the basic resident register).
Mode of Data Collection Self-administered questionnaire
Distribution and collection method
Investigator Public Opinion Research Division, NHK Broadcasting Culture Research Institute
DOI 10.34500/SSJDA.1140
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Documentation [Chosa-hyo][Syukei-hyo]
Major Survey Items (1) Values regarding bioethics
Way of life, policies for the prevention of unethical research, interest in bioethics, source of information on cutting-edge medical treatment and bioethics, assessment of mass media, attitude toward life sciences

(2) The beginning of life
The beginning of human life, level of permissibility of infertility treatment, permissibility of surrogate birth, issues with surrogate birth, permissibility of new medical treatment technologies, pros and cons of legislature, notifying a child who was born through the donation of sperm or ovum from someone other than the parents, the right to know one's descent, education regarding reproduction, view on new types of prenatal diagnosis, permissibility of abortion

(3) Genetic diagnosis
Most feared illness, desire for genetic diagnosis, apprehension regarding genetic diagnosis, appropriateness of big data regulations, appropriateness of DNA testing

(4) Regenerative medicine and brain death/organ transplantation
Scope of organ regeneration, brain death or cardiac death, intention to donate organs, declaration of intention to donate organs, discussion with family, family organ donation, methods of organ transplantation

(5) Death with dignity/Euthanasia
Permissibility of death with dignity, permissibility of euthanasia, desire for life-prolonging treatment

(6) Other
Trust in physicians and medical treatment, general social benefit and limits of individual rights, faith/belief, own health, experience of infertility treatment and experience of worries regarding such

Face items
Gender, birth year, educational history, occupation, spouse/partner, presence of children, household income
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