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Survey Number 1223
Survey Title Survey on Foreign Tourists and SME's Business Management in Japan, 2017
Depositor Japan Finance Corporation Research Institute
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Summary The number of inbound tourists exceeded 24 million in 2016 and continued to increase in 2017. The increase in inbound tourists is expected to be a growth factor for the Japanese economy, and it is an opportunity for small and medium-sized enterprises located in Japan that depend on domestic demand to capture revenue from overseas consumption.

Therefore, the Japan Finance Corporation Research Institute conducted a "questionnaire on inbound acceptance" for the small and medium-sized enterprises to which it provides loans. The survey results describe the current status of inbound acceptance, its impact on business, and the characteristics of companies that accept a large volume of inbound tourists.
Data Type quantitative research
quantitative research: micro data
Universe Among the Japan Finance Corporation's national life business and small and medium-sized business (SME) borrowers, companies that operate retail businesses, restaurants, accommodation businesses, and transportation businesses (excluding freight transportation and private taxis)
Unit of Observation Organization
Sample Size Sample size: 10,362, number of responses: 2,304 (response rate: 22.2%)
Date of Collection August 2017
Time Period
Spatial Unit Japan
Sampling Procedure This survey targeted 10,362 companies that operate retail stores, restaurants, lodging/hospitality businesses, or transportation businesses (excluding freight transportation and private taxis) among the Japan Finance Corporation's national life and SME business borrowers.
Mode of Data Collection The survey forms were distributed and collected via mail and completed anonymously.
Investigator Japan Finance Corporation Research Institute
Sponsors (Funds)
Related Publications (by the Investigator) Please refer to the abstract in Japanese.
Related Publications (based on Secondary Analysis) List of related publications (based on Secondary Analysis)
Documentation Questionnaire
Major Survey Items (1) Business overview
- Year of establishment, industry, number of employees, increase/decrease in sales over the last 3 years, profitability over the last 3 years
- Wi-Fi (wireless LAN) access point
- Whether or not credit cards are accepted as a payment method, accepted cards, clearly indicating credit cards as a possible payment method,
- Whether IC cards can be used
- Whether smartphone/cellular phone payments can be used

(2) Advertising/public relations activities
- Maintaining a homepage that introduces the business, existence of foreign language homepage(s), doing online order sales/taking reservations via the company’s homepage, a smartphone-friendly homepage
- Use of online order/reservation sites operated by other companies, domestic/overseas
- Use of internet advertising, domestic/overseas
- Use of SNS/video posting sites, domestic/overseas
- Use of introductions on websites operated by third parties, domestic/overseas
- Information in tourist guidebooks, domestic/overseas
- Use of free papers, targeting Japanese/foreigners
- Tour, package travel, domestic/overseas companies

(3) Acceptance of foreign tourists (inbound)
- Language(s) used, product explanations in foreign languages, etc.
- Executive officers and employees who speak foreign languages, languages used
<Attracting foreign tourists>
- Sales through travel agencies
- Consultation requests
- Cooperation with companies and organizations in the same prefecture, cooperating companies and organizations
<Current status and future intentions regarding foreign tourists>
- Presence or absence of foreign tourists, number of foreign tourists per month
- Countries and regions from which foreign tourists originate, target countries and regions
- Travel style among foreign tourists, first-time visitors/repeat customers, ratio of foreign tourists to sales
- Duty-free shop permission
- Things that receive high ratings from foreign tourists
- Consideration for specific religions and principles (e.g., halal certification, for vegetarians, etc.), products and services for foreign tourists
- Follow-up after leaving Japan, willingness to purchase after leaving Japan, export and opening overseas stores
- Increase/decrease in Japanese customers
- Intention to accept foreign tourists in the future, issues with accepting foreign tourists, reasons for not wanting to accept foreign tourists
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