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Survey Number 0404
Survey Title Quarterly Survey on Small Enterprise Trends, 2005.1-3
Depositor Japan Finance Corporation Research Institute
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Educational Purpose Only available for research.
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Summary This survey is a nation-wide survey conducted every three months to look into the business conditions of the small enterprises with less than 30 employees, which have accounts with National Life Finance Corp. The number of samples was determined by the National Life Finance Corp. after taking into consideration the number of places of business in the "Statistics Survey of the Places of business and Enterprises ", etc.
The business performance of small companies is finely grasped by industrial classification, and referred not only to the business partners of the National Life Finance Corp but also widely to the external persons concerned. It was started in 1958, and the survey was revised several times and was changed into the present form in 1980. The data before change and the present data are not continuous.
The same survey sheet has been used since 1980, in order to chronologically compare and analyze the results. In addition, what is called a "special survey (selling price trend of small enterprises for this survey)", which contains different questions, is also included every time the regular survey is conducted. The data set include those items in one file. On the other hand, reports are divided into two booklets.
Data Type quantitative research
quantitative research: micro data
Universe Small enterprises with less than 30 employees, which have accounts with National Life Finance Corp.: [manufacturing (less than 30 employees), retailing (less than 10 employees), sales (less than 10 employees), eating and drinking places, accommodations (less than 10 employees), service industry (less than 30 employees), information and communications (less than 30 employees), construction (less than 30 employees), transportation (less than 30 employees) ]

note) Since report of Apr - Jun, 2004, 8 divisions have been adopted based on the eleventh revision of the Japan Standard Industrial Classification (as revised in March 2002). The changed points: "restaurants" was changed to "eating and drinking places, accommodations" and "information and communications" has been established as a new division.
Unit of Observation Organization
Sample Size 10,617 sample enterprises, 7,213 effective response (67.9%) [Special survey part: 6,779 effective response (63.9%), which was counted except for the cases with no answer to question(10)(イ).].
Date of Collection 2005-03-10 ~ 2005-03-10
Time Period 2005 ~ 2005
Spatial Unit Japan
All over Japan except Okinawa
Sampling Procedure Non-probability: Quota
The NLFC Research Institute determines the number of samples after taking into consideration the number of places of business in the "Statistics Survey of the Places of business and Enterprises " by the Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications and the annual loan number-of-cases actual result of NLFC, etc. The NLFC branches perform sample selection.
Mode of Data Collection Self-administered questionnaire: Paper
- The NLFC Research Institute distributed questionnaires by mail, collected them separately, and analysis after totaling (subcontracted).
Investigator The Research Institute of National Life Finance Corporation (NLFC)
DOI 10.34500/SSJDA.0404
Sponsors (Funds)
Related Publications (by the Investigator) Zenkoku Shokigyo Doko Chosakekka (2005 nen 1 - 3 gatuki jisseki, 2005 nen 4 - 6 gatuki mitoshi) [Report of the Survey on the Performance of Small Enterprises (Actual achievements of Jan- Mar 2005, and prospects for Apr - Jun 2005)], Apr 19, 2005, NLFC Research Institute.
For the special survey part, Shokigyo no Setsubitoushi Doko Chosa [Report of the Survey on the Trend of plant-and-equipment investment of Small Enterprises], Apr 26, 2005, NLFC Research Institute.
Related Publications (based on Secondary Analysis) List of related publications (based on Secondary Analysis)
Documentation [Chosa-hyo]
Major Survey Items Demographics:
Type of business; items dealt; number of employees

Sales (compared with the sales of the same term of the previous year, compared with the prospective sales of the same term of next year); amount of order (compared with the amount of order of the same term of the previous year, compared with the prospective amount of order of the same time period of next year); level of profit (profit made this term; prospective profit of the next term); fund-raising (compared with the fund raised in the previous term, compared with the fund to be raised in the next term); loans (compared with the loans taken out in the previous term); over/under-supply of the inventories (products); plant investment (amount invested this term, amount to be invested next term); managerial problems; evaluation of the business conditions (this term; prospect of the next term).

Special Survey:
Trend of plant-and-equipment investment plant-and-equipment investment situation in the 2004 fiscal year (existence of plant-and-equipment investment, purpose, contents, total amount of money for the investment, reason for no investment), feeling of excess or deficiency of the current plant-and-equipment, plant-and-equipment investment schedule in the 2005 fiscal year, etc.
Date of Release
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