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Survey Number 1114
Survey Title Macromill Weekly Index, 2016.4-6
Depositor Macromill, Inc.
Restriction of Use For detailed information, please refer to 'For Data Users' on the SSJDA website.

- Apply to SSJDA. SSJDA's approval required.
Educational Purpose Available for both research and instructional purposes.
Period of Data Use Permission One year
Access to Datasets Download
SSJDA Data Analysis Not available
Summary This survey is an Internet-based weekly fixed-point observation survey, conducted with the same question items every Wednesday (starting at 19:00).

Macromill started the public opinion survey, Macromill Daily, in April 2010 (concluded in October 2010) and the consumer survey Macromill Weekly Index in March 2011.

The main survey content concerns the amount of money spent in the past one week, what was consumed in the past one week, planned purchases in the coming week, expected changes in spending, and dinner on Sundays.

Further, from March 2013, when the ban on electioneering activities on the Internet was lifted, new question items regarding level of interest in domestic politics, policy themes of interest, emotions/mood, and perception of the state of the economy, etc., were added.

This data is from a survey carried out between April and June 2016.

The primary survey content of the Macromill Weekly Index (see also “Major Survey Items” is as follows:
(1) Regarding lifestyle over the past week
(2) Regarding future lifestyle
(3) Regarding the economy
(4) Regarding politics
Data Type quantitative research: micro data
Universe Men and women aged 20 to 69 years in Japan(Macromill monitor members)
Unit of Observation Individual
Sample Size 1,000
Date of Collection 2016-04 ~ 2016-06
April – June 2016
Time Period 2016 ~ 2016
Spatial Unit Japan
Sampling Procedure Other
Demographic allocation by area × gender × age group based on the 2010 National Census
Mode of Data Collection Self-administered questionnaire: Web-based (CAWI)
Internet survey (opens at 19:00 every Wednesday)
Investigator Macromill, Inc.
DOI 10.34500/SSJDA.1114
Sponsors (Funds)
Related Publications (by the Investigator) マクロミル総合研究所,『Macromill Weekly Indexのご紹介』

*Please refer to Macromill Weekly Index reports.
Related Publications (based on Secondary Analysis) List of related publications (based on Secondary Analysis)
Documentation Questionnaire】 【Summary sheet
Major Survey Items [Face Items]
- Gender, age
- Prefecture, area, occupation
- Household composition

(1) Regarding lifestyle over the past one week
- Amount of money spent in the past one week
- Purchased items/services used over the past week
- Number of days respondent has gone out over the past week
- Emotions/mood in the past one week
- Sunday dinner menu

(2) Regarding future lifestyle
- Theme/wishes for coming week
- Purchases or services planned for the next week
- Expected increase or decrease in consumption
- If the respondent had 100,000 yen, how much of it would be spent in the next one week

(3) Regarding the economy
- Feelings about the economy
- Economic forecast over the next 2 to 3 months

(4) Regarding politics
- Politics-related media consumed over the last week
- Interest in domestic politics
- Policy areas of interest
- Policy themes of interest
- Support for the current Cabinet
- Reason for supporting or not supporting the current Cabinet
- Evaluation of the current Cabinet’s work
- Political party respondent supports

*For details of survey items, please refer to the questionnaire.
Date of Release 2017/07/03
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Consumption and consumer behaviour
Economic conditions and indicators
Diet and nutrition
General health and well-being
Government, political systems and organisations
International politics and organisations
Social conditions and indicators
Topics in SSJDA Economy/Industry/Management
Version 1 : 2017-07-03
Notes for Users The items related to politics in questions 12 and 15 – 20 and the raw data before March 2013 (with slightly different allocation conditions and question items) are not attached. To use these items, please contact the depositor. Your request will be reviewed upon submission of a research plan.
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