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Survey No. Survey Title Depositor
(Former Name)
Topic Nesstar
0198 Survey of Individuals who Utilize Civil Litigation, 2000 Japanese Council of Restructuring of the Judical System Law --
0508 65th SJCPOLL, 2000 Shin Joho Center, Inc. Law
0555 Survey of Individuals who Utilize Civil Litigation, 2006 Koji Shindo, Japan Law Foundation Law --
0700 Survey on Legal Aid Needs and the Utilization of Houterasu, 2008 Japanese Legal Support Center Law --
0858 Survey of Individuals who Utilize Civil Litigation, 2011 Hiroshi Takahashi, Japan Law Foundation Law --
0871 Survey of Attitudes toward Labor Dispute Adjudication, 2010 Research Committee for Attitude Survey of Labor Tribunal Decision, Institute of Social Science, The University of Tokyo Law
0874 Survey on Personal Lawsuits, 2011 Legal Training and Research Institute Law --
1038 Fact-finding Survey on Economic Foundation of Attorney Practices, 2010 Japan Federation of Bar Associations Law --
1039 Disputing Behavior Survey, 2005 Masayuki Murayama Law --
1040 Legal Advice Seeking Behavior Survey, 2006 Masayuki Murayama Law --
1041 Litigation Behavior Survey, 2005-2006 Masayuki Murayama Law --
1069 Basic Survey on the Number of Legal Professionals in Japan, 2014 Ministry of Justice, Judicial System Department Law --

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