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Survey Number 0040
Survey Title Survey on Elderly Life and Nursing Care, 1987
Depositor Japan Institute of Life Insurance
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Summary In response to the rapid aging of the population, mobilization of individual self-help efforts and private sector forces has been actively advocated for supplementing public welfare, and the role of the individual and the firm in welfare provision has been expanding accordingly. Based on the recognition, this survey aims to investigate the "second life" (or senior life) for the elderly in the twenty-first century as envisioned by middle-aged husbands and wives nationwide, their view of elderly care, recognition of private welfare services for the elderly, intention to use those services, and other related matters. The survey is characterized by treating sampled men and women as individuals and married couples simultaneously, enabling itself to use the two units of analysis to explore, for example, this population's views of the "second life" and elderly care.
Data Type quantitative research
quantitative research: micro data
Universe Married couples, with the male partner in his 40s or 50s.
Unit of Observation Individual
Sample Size 1,655 effective responses from a sample of 2,000 such couples. (Rate of return: 82.8%)
Date of Collection 1987-05-01 ~ 1987-05-01
May, 1987
Time Period 1987 ~ 1987
Spatial Unit Japan
All over Japan (200 localities)
Sampling Procedure Probability: Stratified
Probability: Multistage
Stratified two-stage random sampling
Mode of Data Collection Self-administered questionnaire
Record system
Investigator Japan Institute of Life Insurance The field work was performed by Chuo chosasha.
DOI 10.34500/SSJDA.0040
Sponsors (Funds)
Related Publications (by the Investigator) Japan Institute of Life Insurance (December, 1987) Rogo seikatsu to kaigo ni kansuru chosa [The Survey on Old Age Life and Care Services]
Related Publications (based on Secondary Analysis) List of related publications (based on Secondary Analysis)
Documentation [Chosa-hyo]
Major Survey Items Demographic items:
Age; last school attended; occupation; size of firm's workforce; financial situation; siblings; parents alive or dead; distance from parents' dwelling place; family members living with Respondent; children; married children, living arrangements with them, and distance from their dwelling place; family members 65 or above who live with R., their relation to R., and availability of their own rooms; type of dwelling; holder of the housing unit, means of acquiring it, and housing loan obligations; financial support expected from parents to obtain housing; annual household income; savings; (monthly) living expenses; and main livelihood earner.
Questionnaire items:
(1) Consciousness on life after aging: time when old age life begins; life consciousness; center of home life; worry about senior life; activities preparing for senior life; property distribution to children; senior life desired (living arrangements with children; financial support from children; work consciousness; for oneself or for the world?; desired dwelling place; content of work; senior environment v.s. young environment; image of senior life, etc.); and overseas living after aging (recognition of the state's plan for promoting it; and intention for it).
(2) Elderly care and welfare: supply of welfare services for the elderly; view of mutual-aid care system; the way care should be; form of receiving care insurance benefits (cash or in-kind); consciousness on taking care of parents; recognition of private welfare services for the elderly (7 items), and intention to use (for oneself and for others); expenses bearable for housekeeping and bathing services; consciousness when Respondent is cared; and kinship in elderly care (persons needing elderly care, their symptom, experience of living with them, experience of taking care of them at home, relation to them, hours and period required for care, and use of welfare services).
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