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Survey Number 0083
Survey Title Survey on the Management among the Retail Industry, 1997
Depositor Japan Finance Corporation Research Institute
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Summary The foundation of small retail trade has been shaking in recent years. Why is it so? And how is the industry responding to it? Our Institute conducted this survey in order to tackle these questions by revealing the current state of management in this particular industry. The questionnaire survey was accompanied by an interview survey.
Data Type quantitative research
quantitative research: micro data
Universe Retailers which NLFC financed in February, 1997.
Unit of Observation Organization
Sample Size A sample of 5,611, of which 2,240 (39.9%) responded.
Date of Collection 1997-08-01 ~ 1997-08-01
August, 1997
Time Period 1997 ~ 1997
Spatial Unit Japan
All over Japan
Sampling Procedure
Mode of Data Collection Self-administered questionnaires by mail.
Investigator NLFC Research Institute
DOI 10.34500/SSJDA.0083
Sponsors (Funds)
Related Publications (by the Investigator) NLFC (March, 1998) "Sabetsu-ka ni katsuro wo miidasu chusho kourigyo" (The Small Retail Trade Finding a Way Out through Differentiation), Chosa geppo No. 443.
Related Publications (based on Secondary Analysis) List of related publications (based on Secondary Analysis)
Documentation [Chosa-hyo]
Major Survey Items (1) Business profile: year established; age of employer; type of organization (incorporated or not); form of operation; franchise membership; characteristics of goods/services; type of major good; form of shop ownership; home-shop unity; population of city containing shop; selling points; number of employees (5 years ago and now); recent business results (annual sales, sales trends, profitability); income from other sources.
(2) Environmental changes for past 5 years and responses: customer trends; impact of deregulation; competitors (5 years ago and now); change of management environment; measures and their effect.
(3) Future management policy: future business scale; successor decided or not; reasons for not decided yet; significance of existence of small retail trade.
(4) Commercial area: (if located in commercial area) type of area; consumer flow, (if outflow) type of commercial area drawing consumers; business climate of Respondent's area; trends in vacancy in R's area; competition within R's area; activating measures, taken or not, (if taken), measures and their effect.
Date of Release 2000/10/03
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Business/industrial management and organisation
Topics in SSJDA Economy/Industry/Management
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