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Survey Number 0154
Survey Title Survey on Families and Marital Relations, 1997
Depositor The National Family Research Committee of the Japan Society of Family Sociology
(Former Name:National Family Research of Japan, Japanese Society of Family Sociology)
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Educational Purpose Available for both research and instructional purposes.
Period of Data Use Permission One year
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Summary This survey is preliminary to a nationwide family survey planned by the Society. Toward the national survey, an NFR Study Group was organized so that its sub-groups would focus on (1) children, (2) spouses, (3) parents, (4) other relatives, (5) the family and its external society, (6) family consciousness, (7) post-war changes in the family, and (8) overall research methods. The sub-groups subsequently came up with an original plan of questionnaire items. The current survey was conducted in order to study items on husband-wife relations (or "spouses" above) among other items thus derived. It was conducted also for the objective of generating data which would be useful for family researchers in general. For this objective, the survey, albeit geographically limited, adopted random sampling and, for US-Japan comparative purposes, used questionnaire items comparable to the National Survey of Families and Households in the United States.
Data Type quantitative research
quantitative research: micro data
Universe Men and women, aged between 40 and 59, who live in Tokyo's 23 wards.
Unit of Observation Individual
Sample Size A sample of 450, of whom 304 (67.6%) responded.
Date of Collection 1997-10-01 ~ 1997-10-01
Time Period 1997 ~ 1997
Spatial Unit 29 localities in the 23 wards of Tokyo
Sampling Procedure Probability: Stratified
Probability: Multistage
Two-stage stratified random sampling
Mode of Data Collection Self-administered questionnaires
Investigator Japanese Society of Family Sociology Field work was performed by Chuo Chosasha.
DOI 10.34500/SSJDA.0154
Sponsors (Funds)
Related Publications (by the Investigator) Study Group for National Family Research, Japanese Society of Family Sociology (October 1998) Kazoku kozo no kokusai hikaku no tame no kisoteki kenkyu: Kokyo riyo mikuro deta no sakusei to katsuyo [kaitei-ban] (Basic Study for the International Comparison of Family Structures: Creation and Utilization of Micro Data for Public Use [Revised edition]).
Related Publications (based on Secondary Analysis) List of related publications (based on Secondary Analysis)
Documentation [Chosa-hyo]
Major Survey Items (1) Demographic items
Sex; marital status; date of marriage; whether Respondent lives with spouse; frequency of having dinner with spouse; R's and spouse's holiday overlaps; (for Rs who live separately from spouse) spouse's dwelling place, time required to reach it, frequency of contact, frequency of telephoning and writing; type of dwelling; financial supporters of home ownership; number of household members; household members; household head; main source of income; main earner; annual household income; R's and spouse's birth date, age, last school attended, graduated/dropped out.
(2) Work
First job held (form of employment, date of employment, age, job description, size of work force); (for spouses too) current employment status, form of employment, date of retirement, job, date of employment, size of work force, annual income, health condition, time R gets home.
(3) Children: sex; birth date; alive or dead.
(4) Family/home
View of family, husband-wife relations, and sexual division of labor; approach to family life problems; opinion of using separate family names; externalization and rationalization of household chores; R's and spouse's participation in housekeeping; provider of free housekeeping services; support network.
(5) Husband-wife relations
Husband-wife communication; companionships; mutual support; role expectations; degree of satisfaction with marriage; whether R considers spouse part of family; husband-wife power relations.
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