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Survey Number 0159
Survey Title Fact-finding Survey on the Progress of Informationalization and How Companies Cope with Future Social Trends, 1996
Depositor The Japan Institute for Labour Policy and Training
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Summary "Informatization" due to the innovation in information processing technology and communication technology is having a substantial effect on both the companies' business strategies and the internal decision making process. It is expected that in the future "informatization" will have more impact on the companies' organization and employment system.The internal changes in the companies due to "informatization" is also assumed to have an impact on the way "Labor Information Center" provides various information on labor in cooperation with Japan Institute of Labor and 7 other organizations under the Ministry of Labor.This survey was entrusted to Mitsui Knowledge Institute and was carried out in order to understand the companies' current responses to "informatization", the effect brought by "informatization" on employment and personnel management, and the latest situation regarding the companies' effort on the development of occupational ability, and to prepare a basic data, which would contribute in the promotion of information providing business as a response to "informatization".
Data Type quantitative research
quantitative research: micro data
Universe Companies with more than 500 employees
Unit of Observation Organization
Sample Size 2,200 companies sampled, of which 558 (25.4%) returned valid response
Date of Collection 1996-01-01 ~ 1996-01-01
Time Period 1996 ~ 1996
Spatial Unit All over Japan
Sampling Procedure Probability: Simple random
Random sampling
Mode of Data Collection Questionnaires distributed and collected by mail.
Investigator The Japan Institute of Labor, Mitsui Knowledge Industry
DOI 10.34500/SSJDA.0159
Sponsors (Funds)
Related Publications (by the Investigator) The Japan Institute of Labor (March 1996) Johoka no shinten oyobi Kongo no Shakai-doko heno Kigyo no Taiou ni kansuru Jittai-chosa (Survey of Informatization and the Responses Made by Companies to Future Social Trend).
Related Publications (based on Secondary Analysis) List of related publications (based on Secondary Analysis)
Documentation [Chosa-hyo]
Major Survey Items (1) Informatization in companies---1. current situation of information devices and information processing (number of information device; percentage of investment in information system, number of SE and programmers; stages in informationalization in different sector and divisions); contents of information system and operational conditions (information related technologes, equipment conditions, operational conditions of information devices).
(2) Changes in the company organization and job units due to informationalization---1. changes in the company organization and job units (situation of companies internal organization, changes in job units); 2. changes in personal management and employment due to informationalization (personnel placement,changes in the composition of work, impact on the hiring policies, changes in personnel and labor management, changes in the adaptation of mid-age and advanced age workers, changes in the job assigned to women workers, impact on personnel treatment.)
(3) changes in the policies regarding the development of occupational ability due to informationalization---1. current education for the adaptation to informationalization (ability newly expected of the employees, current education for the adaptation to informationalization, barriers for education for the adaptation to informationalization); 2. future education for adaptation to informationalization (expectation from the administration of the education for the adaptation to informationalization, things to place emphasis on in order to adapt to infromationalization) expected of the administration,
(4) efforts to be made in order to grow personnel who could respond to future social treand---1. creation of environment which enables people to work creatively (efforts to be made in the promotion of self-enlightenment, creation of environment which enables the employees to work creatively); 2. research/development of skills and development of ability needed in order to respond to globalization (research/skill development division's effort in the growth of personnel, development of ability needed in order to respond to globalization).
(5) main area of business, other areas of business.
(6) number of employees (regular workers); average age of employees; listing of stocks.
Date of Release
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