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Survey Number 0209
Survey Title Survey on Household Budgets among Families with Pre-college Students, 2001
Depositor Japan Finance Corporation Research Institute
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Summary Targeting households that were issued a "national education loan," this survey has been conducted since 1993. The main purpose of this survey was to clarify the actual state of education-related financial burdens affecting households with students, in addition to household income, housing loan status, and methods for raising funds to cover educational expenses. This survey also investigated the overall circumstances households face and the relationship between households and educational expenses.

The characteristics of this survey were that it (1) targeted households nationwide, (2) targeted only households with students, (3) clarified the types of educational expenses incurred throughout the year, (4) investigates the cost of education for all children enrolled in elementary school and above, and (5) investigated educational expenses according to the number of children enrolled in school, the type of school in which they are enrolled, and whether or not they live away from home to attend school. This design allowed the survey to grasp the situation of the burden of educational expenses on households.
Data Type quantitative research: micro data
Universe Households that took a "national education loan"
Unit of Observation Household
Sample Size
Date of Collection 2001 ~ 2001
Time Period 2001 ~ 2001
Spatial Unit Japan
Sampling Procedure Households with children high school-aged and older who used a "national education loan" issued by the National Life Finance Corporation (Japan Finance Corporation) in 2001 were sampled.
Mode of Data Collection Questionnaires were sent directly to target households and collected by direct mail.
Investigator Japan Finance Corporation Research Institute
DOI 10.34500/SSJDA.0209
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Documentation [Questionnaire]
Major Survey Items (1) State of school enrollment, educational expenses, etc.: number of children; number of children enrolled in elementary school or above, school attendance, whether commuting to school from home; annual amount of enrollment expenses for all children enrolled in elementary school or above; amount of remittance to children living away from home to go to school
(2) Enrollment and admission cost for children using a “national education loan”: children's schools, year in school, whether commuting to school from home, annual school expenses, number of schools applied, expenses to go to school (examination fees, transportation/accommodation expenses for entrance examination, payment to school, payments to schools at which children did not enroll, apartment deposits and fees/furniture and household goods purchase expenses, etc.), sources of funding to go to school
(3) Sense of burden of educational expenses on income: number of family members; gender, age, occupation, and annual income of main provider of the household, annual income of all other family members, existence of a home loan and repayment amount (monthly/bonus month), sense of burden regarding education expenses, means of covering educational costs, items to spend less money on
Date of Release 2002/02/12
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