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Survey Number 0251
Survey Title Fact-finding Survey on Companies Utilizing IT, 2000
Depositor The Japan Institute for Labour Policy and Training
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Summary In recent years, there has been rapid progress in IT in various fields in Japan. In particular, the progress of IT in corporations is believed to impact corporate and employee behavior. The purpose of this research is to clarify the reality and concerns with various aspects of labour (e.g., employment) in corporations, especially the hiring of middle-aged and older employees and issues with IT skill development.
Data Type quantitative research
quantitative research: micro data
Universe Companies in Japan with approximately 300 employees or more
Unit of Observation Organization
Sample Size 1,637 effective responses from a sample of 10,000 such companies (response rate is 16.4%)
Date of Collection 2000-12-01 ~ 2000-12-01
Time Period 2000 ~ 2000
Spatial Unit Nationwide
Sampling Procedure Using the companies' data, a complete enumeration was adapted for 9,681 companies that employed more than 300 people. From among the companies with less than 300 employees, 319 were selected from the descending order of the number of employees.
Mode of Data Collection Questionnaires were distributed and returned by post. Follow-up reminder cards were sent once.
Investigator The Japan Institute for Labour Policy and Training. Research operation conducted by Mitsui Knowledge Industry.
DOI 10.34500/SSJDA.0251
Sponsors (Funds)
Related Publications (by the Investigator) IT katsuyo kigyo ni tsuiteno jittai chosa hokokusho [Report of actual condition survey for IT utilizing companies], 2001, The Japan Institute for Labour Policy and Training
Related Publications (based on Secondary Analysis) List of related publications (based on Secondary Analysis)
Documentation [Chosa-hyo]
Major Survey Items Questionnaire Items:

(1) Current status and purpose of IT utilization: PC penetration among clerical employees, status of introduction and usage of IT-related tools, scale of e-commerce, status of IT promotion across all divisions, system of IT promotion, purpose behind IT promotion, priority given to reduce costs by IT promotion, and recent changes including scale of business and change in corporate activities.

(2) Effects of IT promotion on employment: Change in the middle-managers' tasks and functions owing to IT promotion; change in the effort allocation of tasks by general employees; changes in the ability and knowledge required by middle managers; changes in the ability and knowledge required by general employees. If there is the possibility of reducing the number of full-time employees by promoting IT: Details of the effects, including those businesses that have experienced large-scale employment reduction; effects of employment reduction by title, age hierarchy, and education; reasons behind reducing the number of middle managers by promoting IT; unemployed middle-managers' careers since their dismissals; and trend of changing employment statuses from full-time to part-time employees. If there is the possibility of increasing the number of full-time employees by promoting IT: businesses whose employment expansion is greatly affected ; effects of employment expansion by title, age hierarchy, and education; comparison between the effects of employment reduction and expansion owing to IT promotion; method of controlling the number of employees together with IT promotion; internet utilization in recruiting activities; and effects of the IT skills of recruits/appraisals.

(3) Company's response to the changes in the employment situation: Future changes including the ratio of non-full-time employees, outsourcing of businesses along with IT promotion, businesses that will proceed with outsourcing (current/future), policy of response to the changes in employment needs introduced by IT promotion, change in the compensation system by promoting IT (current/three years ago), current status of the usage of IT tools by employees, current status of the usage of IT in businesses, ratio of the required IT capability of employees, countermeasures for employees without IT capability, necessity to train for IT adaptation, educational contents of IT adaptation for employees, current and future priorities, barriers for implementing education for IT adaptation, expectations toward the government's implementation of education for IT adaptation, self-development efforts toward IT adaptation, and response to maintain a work environment.

Face items:

Industry, size, employee structure, average age and tenure of full-time employees, capital, sales, founding year, and status of stock.
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