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Survey Number 0295
Survey Title Fact-finding Survey on Female Entrepreneurs, 2002
Depositor Japan Finance Corporation Research Institute
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Summary Female business owners have been attracting attention recently against the backdrop of a declining number of companies, the advent of an aging society with a declining birthrate, and the weakening of the economy. However, statistics on female business owners in Japan have not yet been compiled, and to date, there has been no survey that comprehensively captures the actual management situation. Therefore, the actual situation, such as quantifying the results female managers have produced and identifying the issues they are facing, is not fully understood.

This survey is entitled "Questionnaire on the characteristics of corporate activities by the gender of business owners," and it clarifies the characteristics of entrepreneurial activities and management activities from the perspective of female business owners’ career and family structure. It was carried out to contribute to the development of an environment where people can better demonstrate their abilities.

Interviews were also conducted, targeting 28 companies, including companies that responded to the questionnaire.
Data Type quantitative research
quantitative research: micro data
Universe Owners of businesses that were financed by any of the Japan Finance Corporation's branches (the National Life Finance Corporation’s branches at the time) nationwide from April 1999 to March 2002.
Unit of Observation Individual
Sample Size Number of responses: 4,988 (1,109 female business owners; 3,879 male business owners)
Date of Collection 2002/07/01
Time Period
Spatial Unit Japan
Sampling Procedure
Mode of Data Collection Mail survey
Investigator Japan Finance Corporation Research Institute (NLFC Research Institute)
Sponsors (Funds)
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Documentation [Chosa-hyo]
Major Survey Items (1) Business overview:
Industry, business content, whether or not business content has changed, month and year of establishment, business location, management structure.
(2) Regarding respondent and family:
Age, gender, highest level of educational attainment, work experience (business management experience, work experience/number of workplaces/years of employment, work experience in a related field and years, managerial experience and years), previous occupation, length of time since leaving previous job and business start-up, whether or not respondent had a career interruption/reason/positive and negative effect of the career interruption in current business management, presence of children, age of first and youngest children, spouse (presence, occupation, business position), sense of burden and division of roles regarding housework and childrearing, current and annual income immediately before becoming a manager (respondent/spouse).
(3) Background of and motive for opening a business:
Background for becoming a business owner and the month and year respondent became a business owner, motivation for starting a business, reason for deciding on the current business, preparation period, reason for starting a business, method of acquiring “seeds” for business, difficulties in starting a business, management knowledge at the time of business start-up, method of supplementing management, management policy (top priority), self-evaluation as a manager
(4) Management activities such as marketing and employee management:
Sales destinations and suppliers, target customer base, acquisition methods of sales destinations and suppliers, management strengths, breakdown of the number of employees now and three years ago, relationships with partners, average weekly working hours of respondent and employees, decision-making process, priorities as a manager, use of a system for improving the work environment, cash flow, go-to financial institution, loan negotiator, status of transactions with financial institutions (existence of loan applications, availability of loan(s), loan conditions, reasons a request for a loan was denied)
(5) Current business status and future prospects:
Monthly sales and income and expenditure at present and three years ago, current performance satisfaction, management issues, future business development
(6) Characteristics of female business owners and support measures:
Characteristics of female business owners, support measures for female business owners.
Date of Release
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