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Survey Number 0826
Survey Title Survey on State of New Business Start-ups, 2011
Depositor Japan Finance Corporation Research Institute
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Summary The “Survey on State of New Business Start-ups” has been conducted continuously since 1969 for the purpose of apprehending the state of new business. Since 1991, it has been conducted annually, resulting in the accumulation of data such as age at the start of new business and start-up costs, which can be used for time series comparisons, as well as the carrying out of analyses from a variety of viewpoints.

As of 2000, the survey excluded the real estate investment industry. Furthermore, in conjunction with the launch of the Japan Finance Corporation in October 2008, the Japan Finance Corporation Research Institute has assumed the surveys from its predecessor, the National Life Finance Corporation Research Institute.

This survey was conducted in 2011 and included survey items such as attributes and careers of managers of new business start-ups, start-up funding, and procuring fund, targeting companies that had received financing from the Japan Finance Corporation between April and September 2010 and had been trading for one year or less at the point of funding. In addition, this survey includes survey items about the effect of the Great East Japan Earthquake that occurred on March 11, 2011. Note that the survey relating to this survey that was conducted in the same year as the “Survey on State of New Business Start-ups (special surveys), 2011” (SSJDA survey number 0827), which was conducted on companies that had been trading for more than two years but not more than three years at the point of funding.
Data Type quantitative research: micro data
Universe New start-ups
Unit of Observation Organization
Sample Size Sample size: 6,340, number of responses: 1,443 companies, (response rate: 22.8%)
Date of Collection 2011-08-01 ~ 2011-08-01
Time Period 2011 ~ 2011
Spatial Unit Japan
Sampling Procedure Non-probability: Availability
6,340 companies within one year of startup (including companies yet to start trading) at the time of financing were surveyed from among the companies financed by the Japan Finance Corporation Micro Business and Individual Unit between April and September 2010.
Mode of Data Collection Self-administered questionnaire: Paper
Mail survey (anonymous questionnaire)
Investigator Japan Finance Corporation Research Institute
DOI 10.34500/SSJDA.0826
Sponsors (Funds)
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Documentation [ Questionnaire ]
Major Survey Items (1) Business overview
Month and year when business started, management type, number of employees, franchise/chain affiliation, population size of municipalities where main business offices are located, ownership type of main business offices

(2) Manager’s attributes and career
Age, gender, occupation immediately before starting business/size by number of employees/how respondent left, experience of working in the related field/number of years, working experience, management experience, income from a source other than the business, number of family members

(3) History leading to start-up
Motivation/trigger for starting business, desires concerning income

(4) Start-up plan and sources for procuring funding
People that respondent received start-up plan advice from, monthly sales (forecast before starting business, minimum required amount, current amount), what respondent referred to when forecasting sales, difference from sales expected before starting business, sales growth strategies before starting business, differences from expenditure expected before starting business, expenditures that respondent was not aware of before starting business, start-up costs and sources for procuring them, costs exceeding expectations before starting business and sources for procuring them, whether or not/why respondent had demand for funding after starting business/sources for procuring it

(5) Management after start-up
Sales trends, profitability, time when respondent began generally turning a profit, business conditions compared to competitors, whether respondent can support household with business income, methods of supplementing household budget, level of satisfaction from starting business, worries before starting business, current difficulties

(6) Effects of the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami
Whether business was affected, specific impact

*For details of survey items, please refer to the questionnaire.
Date of Release 2012/12/26
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