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Survey Number 0873
Survey Title Survey among High School Students and their Mothers, 2012
Depositor Research Group for Survey of High School Students and Mothers 2012
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Summary In order to elucidate both the structure of the education gap in modern Japanese society and the actual state of parent-child attitudes towards education, we carried out a mail-based survey with a methodology similar to that of the November 2002 "National Survey of Attitudes Towards Education in High-School Students and Their Mothers" (principal investigator: Professor Ryo Kawabata), targeting 2nd year high school students and their mothers.
Data Type quantitative research
quantitative research: micro data
Universe High-school students that, at the time of the survey, were full-day, regular-term 2nd year students, as well as their mothers.
Unit of Observation Individual
Sample Size Sent survey forms to 1,560 mother-student pairs; received answers from 1,070 pairs (68.6%).
Date of Collection 2012-11 ~ 2012-12
High-school students who were full-day, regular-term 2nd year students at the time of the survey, as well as their mothers.
Time Period 2012 ~ 2012
Spatial Unit Japan
Across Japan
Sampling Procedure Other
A monitor list of high school second graders who were registered to Ipsos Co., Ltd. was selected as an extracted list and then stratified and extracted by regional block (by "school basic survey"), city scale (by "Basic Resident Registry"), and gender.
Mode of Data Collection Self-administered questionnaire: Paper
Mail-based survey
Investigator 2012 High School Students and their Mothers Research Committee (Wataru Nakazawa, Sho Fujiwara, Takashi Yoshida, Toshiyuki Shirakawa), survey carried out by Ipsos Co., Ltd.
DOI 10.34500/SSJDA.0873
Sponsors (Funds) 2012 Graduate School of Human Sciences, Osaka University, Human Science Project (HSP) and the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (Principal investigator: Sho Fujiwara, project number: 24730417)
Related Publications (by the Investigator) Please refer to the abstract in Japanese.
Related Publications (based on Secondary Analysis) List of related publications (based on Secondary Analysis)
Documentation [Questionnaire]
Major Survey Items [Survey of High School Students]

(1) About high-school students (respondents) themselves
Area of residence, gender, high school establishment (national/public/private), department, things you considered when choosing which high school to go to, the percentage of students who want to attend university/junior college, establishment of the elementary/middle schools you attended (national/public/private), knowledge/skills you want to obtain, home circumstances, possible purchase amount of lottery ticket (upper limit)

(2) Regarding your path after high school graduation
The path you wish to take, reasons for continuing your education, things you want to learn by continuing your education, type of admission examination you plan to take

(3) Thoughts about your future profession
Profession you wish to pursue, things you think are important for your future profession, thoughts on your starting salary and on raises, awareness of your parents' professions and schooling history, pros and cons of the "I guess I'll just go on to college" attitude

(4) Views on gender
Thoughts on marriage/work/housework burdens borne by men and women, recognition of differences in vocational abilities among men and women, etc.

(5) Study time/lessons
Daily study time (at school/home/other study facility), lessons you have learned

(6) School life/thoughts on your future
Degree of satisfaction with your school life, self-affirmation, intentions to go abroad, current goals, etc.

(7) Views on schooling/professions
Thoughts on schooling/professions, schooling experience required for various jobs/the job you want

(8) Grades and outlook on understanding of future classes
Grades achieved in 6th grade in elementary school and 3rd year in junior high school, current grades in each subject, whether or not you understand the content of vocational school/community college/university classes

[Survey of Mothers]

(1) Thoughts on your child's path following high school graduation
Path you want them to take, reasons you want them to continue their education, things you want them to learn by continuing their education

(2) Thoughts on your child's future profession
Professions you want them to have, things you want them to emphasize when searching for a job, thoughts on your child's choice of profession, pros and cons of the "I guess I'll just go on to college" attitude

(3) Child's grades/tuition fees
Child's grades in 6th grade in elementary school and 3rd year in junior high school, extracurricular educational expenses (before starting elementary school/in 6th grade in elementary school/in 3rd year in junior high school/in 2nd year in high school)

(4) Educational expectations you have for your children
Knowledge/skills you want them to have, things you expect from high school classes, desire for them to work overseas, etc.

(5) Views on gender/politics
Thoughts on marriage/work/housework burdens borne by men and women, thoughts on wage gaps, civil service, consumption tax, etc.

(6) Views on schooling/professions
Thoughts on schooling/professions

(7) Cultural activities/lifestyle of the mother (respondent)
Activities over the past year (saw a musical, overseas vacation, volunteer activities, etc.), objects you have at home (study desk, internet connection, encyclopedia, etc.), things you did when your child was in elementary/middle school (read books to them, gave them advice on their life path), number of books you have at home, home circumstances, number of children you have and the years/months in which they were born/their genders/highest level of educational attainment, family members that pursued university/junior college education, household income (at present/3 years ago), amount of money your household has saved

(8) Father's/mother's work experience/level of educational attainment
Father's and mother's birth month/sibling structure/highest level of educational attainment, current occupation type/employment status/number of employees/official position/year of employment, occupation type of mother's first job/employment status/number of employees/years of employment/reason for leaving the job, mother's work style and children's age

*For details on survey items, please refer to the questionnaire.
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Higher and further education
Equality, inequality and social exclusion
Family life and marriage
Topics in SSJDA Education/Learning
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[Survey of mothers]Question 1-4. <School name>, Question 3. Reason you chose, Question 18D. <High School name>, Question 18E. <College/Community College name>

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