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Survey Number 0049
Survey Title Survey on Young People's Life Attitudes, 1993
Depositor Japan Institute of Life Insurance
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Educational Purpose Available for both research and instructional purposes.
Period of Data Use Permission One year
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Summary This survey was conducted in order to grasp the consciousness of the contemporary youth in such dimensions as life, society, ethics, consumption, savings, and, in particular, relations with groups (family, school, workplace, and friends), and to clarify how the youth evaluate and seek to relate themselves to each group in the midst of the alleged trends toward individualization and self-dependence.
Data Type quantitative research
quantitative research: micro data
Universe Male and female individuals aged between 16 and 26
Unit of Observation Individual
Sample Size 1,188 effective responses from a sample of 2,000 such individuals (Rate of effective return: 59.4%)
Date of Collection 1993-06-19 ~ 1993-06-27
June 19-27, 1993
Time Period 1993 ~ 1993
Spatial Unit ibaraki
The Metropolitan area within a 50-kilometer radius
Sampling Procedure Probability: Stratified
Probability: Multistage
Stratified two-stage random sampling
Mode of Data Collection Face-to-face interview
Face-to-face interview system
Investigator Japan Institute of Life Insurance The field work was performed by Chuo chosasha.
DOI 10.34500/SSJDA.0049
Sponsors (Funds)
Related Publications (by the Investigator) Japan Institute of Life Insurance (March, 1986) Wakamono no seikatsu ishiki ni kansuru chosa-shudan ni taisuru ishiki wo chushin toshite [The Survey on the Youth's Desire for Life-with an emphasis on their consciousness on groups]
Related Publications (based on Secondary Analysis) List of related publications (based on Secondary Analysis)
Documentation [Chosa-hyo]
Major Survey Items Demographic items:
Sex; year born; marital status; occupation; siblings; family members living with Respondent; and age of parents.
Questionnaire items:
(1) Life consciousness: consciousness in everyday life (clothing; fashion; eating scene; free time; and important people); sense of cleanliness; telephone (frequency of use, and people called); consulting manner when troubled; and goals and what takes to achieve goals.
(2) View of society: attitudes toward present and future Japanese society; view of aging society; view of society where one's schooling counts; attitudes toward and relations with foreign countries/people; and consciousness of men's and women's roles.
(3) Parent-child relations: way of being raised (discipline and study, parent-child relations, talks about society, and people involved in three dimensions); and way of raising children.
(4) Ethics: attitudes to authority (parents, school teacher, boss/senior at work); attitudes to norms; refusal to attend school; and school violence.
(5) Consciousness on group: with or without dependence; degree of freedom; necessity of leadership; acceptance of hierarchical relations; sense of affection; sense of security; sense of trust; sense of solidarity; strength of sense of belonging; and structure of inter-group relations.
(6) Consumption/savings awareness: view of consumption; shopping partner; and important characteristics of savings.
(7) Consciousness of security of life and life insurance: awareness of security; degree of recognition of life insurance company; and knowledge, current coverage, and determinant characteristics of life insurance.
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Consumption and consumer behaviour
Religion and values
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