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Survey Number 0554
Survey Title Questionnaire Survey on Worker Dispatching in Medical Services, 2005
Depositor Japanese Staffing Services Association
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Summary Since March 2003, worker dispatch services have been allowed for medical-related work at social welfare facilities, and since March 2004, worker dispatch services (for dispatched work with the premise of direct employment afterwards) have been allowed for medical-related work at medical institutions.

However, such worker dispatch services have not been used widely, because of a lack of understanding on the demand side (social welfare facilities, medical institutions) of the trend/details of the system. Furthermore, it has been indicated that there may be a need to work out details of contracts different from dispatched-work contract in other fields to address situations unique to medical-related work (such as responses in case of medical accidents).

Therefore, this survey was conducted for the purpose of understanding the state of implementing worker dispatch services (for dispatched work with the premise of direct employment afterwards) for medical-related work and the issues facing the operation of services. It aims to provide basic materials for exploring the issue further in the future.
Data Type quantitative research
quantitative research: micro data
Universe 604 Japan Staffing Services Association member companies
Unit of Observation Organization
Sample Size Number of respondents: 244 companies (response rate: 40.4%)
Date of Collection 2005/12/06–12/27
Time Period
Spatial Unit
Sampling Procedure
Mode of Data Collection Internet survey
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Documentation [Questionnaire]
Major Survey Items - State of worker dispatching in medical fields
- Fields with good prospects for medical-related worker dispatching (fields and occupations with good market prospects)
- Reasons for starting medical-related worker dispatching business
- Places to where medical-related workers may be dispatched (what is different and special compared to dispatching workers with typically-dispatched occupations, staffing offices to request dispatched workers, reasons that such places are motivated to accept dispatched medical-related workers)
- Securing medical-related workers to dispatch (methods to recruit workers to dispatch, methods to measure medical-related skills)
- Number of qualified people registered (whether or not there are qualified people, number of people registered per qualification/average age/most common highest level of educational attainment)
- State of implementing education and training/training methods
- Number of dispatched workers per destination (nurses, medical tech jobs other than doctors/nurses)
- Thoughts on accepting dispatched workers including the necessity for preliminary interviews
- State of transferring dispatched workers to be directly employed (whether or not there have been cases of transfers/number of cases per qualification, reasons for transfer)
- Thoughts on the type of dispatched work in the medical field which gives workers the premise of direct employment afterwards (period that dispatched workers would be available, expanding such contract to regular dispatched workers)
- Defining special characteristics of dispatching workers in the medical field (special contract items related to compensation for damages, demands for special contract items from destinations, whether or not there are problems specific to the medical field)
- Conditions required to expand medical-related worker dispatching
- Business opportunities from accepting overseas workers
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