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Survey Number 1204
Survey Title Survey on Scholarship Programs Implemented in Japan, 2010
Depositor Independent Administrative Institution Japan Student Services Organization
(Former Name:Japan Student Services Organization)
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Summary The purpose of the survey was to clarify the current state of scholarship systems operated by schools, local public organizations, private organizations, and individuals, with the aim of contributing to the future development of scholarship systems in Japan.

The main survey items are as follows:
(1)Basic character of respondent
(2)Regarding the scholarship system
(3)Target scope (application conditions) / Selection criteria
Data Type quantitative research
quantitative research: micro data
Universe Universities (including graduate schools, henceforth referred to collectively as universities), junior colleges, college of technology, senior high schools (including senior high school courses in six-year secondary schools. Hereinafter, the same shall apply), specialized training schools, and miscellaneous schools, local public organizations, and organizations operating scholarship systems.

Note, however, that the following groups are outside of the scope of this survey: (1) Systems for the reduction or exemption of tuition fees, etc., (2) Those applicable only to international students, (3) Programs for Japanese students to study abroad, (4) Those applicable only to part-time/distance learning senior high schools, (5) Japan Student Services Organization, (6) Those which have a repayment exemption system by way of a fixed period of employment after graduation, (7) Those which have employment in a particular occupation as a condition, (8) Newspaper Scholarship Association, and other groups of a similar kind.
Unit of Observation Organization
Sample Size [Survey target categories (number of respondent groups, response rate)]
Senior high schools/ specialized training colleges /miscellaneous schools(8,235,82.8%,of which 1,643 organizations operated scholarship systems)
Universities/junior colleges/ college of technology(1,179,95.8%,of which 843 organizations operated scholarship systems)
Prefectures(34,72.3%,of which 34 organizations operated scholarship systems)
Municipalities(1,469,84.3%,of which 1,016 organizations operated scholarship systems)Scholarship organizations(1,008,68.5%,of which 739 organizations operated scholarship systems)
Date of Collection 2010-04-01 ~ 2011-03-31
2010/04/01 – 2011/03/31
Time Period 2010 ~ 2010
Spatial Unit Japan
Sampling Procedure
Mode of Data Collection Self-administered questionnaire
Inquiries were made into the scholarship systems operated by organizations under the following three categories.

Inquiries were made to universities, junior colleges, college of technology, senior high schools, specialized training colleges, and miscellaneous schools regarding the scholarship systems they operated. Information about some specialized training schools and miscellaneous schools was gained from the relevant prefectures.

(2)Local public organizations
Inquiries were made into scholarship systems operating in prefectures and municipalities.

(3)Scholarship organizations
1) Inquiries were made into the names and addresses of scholarship organizations (charitable organizations, for-profit organizations, individuals, other) that make requests for recommendations or carry out registration notifications regarding scholarships for universities, junior colleges, colleges of technology, senior high schools, specialized training colleges, and miscellaneous schools.
2) Based on the information (such as name and address) regarding scholarship organizations gained from 1) above, as well as information gleaned from past surveys, inquiries were made to scholarship organizations regarding the scholarship systems in operation.
Investigator Japan Student Services Organization
DOI 10.34500/SSJDA.1204
Sponsors (Funds)
Related Publications (by the Investigator) Please refer to the abstract in Japanese.
Related Publications (based on Secondary Analysis) List of related publications (based on Secondary Analysis)
Documentation [Questionnaire]
Major Survey Items (1)Basic character of respondent
・School type/organization type

(2)Regarding the scholarship system
・Existence of repayment exemption system
・Possibility of receiving multiple scholarships
・Possibility of international students receiving scholarships

(3)Target scope (application conditions) / Selection criteria
・Target scope (application conditions): designated school type, designated school, designated major, designated school location, designated student residence, designated student ability, etc., other
・Selection criteria

(4) Performance
・Number of people per target group
・Amount of money per target group
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