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Survey Number 1422
Survey Title Japanese General Social Surveys <JGSS Cumulative Data 2000-2003>
Depositor Institute of Social Science, The University of Tokyo
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Summary The Japanese General Social Surveys (JGSS) Project is a project to promote various academic pursuits by comprehending the values, consciousness, and behavior of Japanese people. It will allow researchers to undertake comparative studies based on individual level data sets. The survey items extend to many topics like work, the living, composition of home, leisure activity, the realities of crime damage, political attitude, etc.

The JGSS project is a Japanese version of the General Social Survey (GSS) project closely replicating the original GSS of NORC, University of Chicago. The JGSS project will participate in the East Asian Social Surveys (EASS) Project in 2006. The EASS is an international comparison survey of various countries and regions of east Asia.

The objectives of the JGSS project are three-fold: (1) to collect and build cumulative data on general social surveys in Japan in a regular and consistent manner; thus enabling a time-series analysis; (2) to provide data for secondary analyses to researchers and university students in various social science fields; and, (3) to provide data in a format useful for international comparative studies, research and reports.

<JGSS cumulative data 2000-2003> is composed of four surveys: JGSS-2000, JGSS-2001, JGSS-2002, JGSS-2003. This data set is made to analyze survey data of the JGSS project's first stage (JGSS-2000, 2001, 20002, 2003) in bulk.
Data Type quantitative research
quantitative research: micro data
Universe Men and women 20 - 89 years of age as of September 1(*) each survey year living in Japan.
* June 25 in 2000 (JGSS-2000)
Unit of Observation Individual
Sample Size JGSS-2000 JGSS-2001 JGSS-2002 JGSS-2003
Sample Size: 4,500 4,500 5,000 7,200*
Completed Responses (valid): 2,863 2,790 2,953 2,953**
Response Rate (valid): 64.9% 63.1% 62.3% 51.5%***
* JGSS-2003 [Form A 3,600 Form B 3,600]
** JGSS-2003 [Form A 1,957 Form B 1,706]
*** JGSS-2003 [Form A 55.0% Form B 48.0%]
Date of Collection JGSS-2000: October - November 2000
JGSS-2001: October - November 2001
JGSS-2002: October - November 2002
JGSS-2003: October - November 2003
Time Period
Spatial Unit All over Japan
sampling points: JGSS-2000 JGSS-2001 JGSS-2002 JGSS-2003
300 300 341 489
Sampling Procedure The sampling procedure is different every year, a policy in general is as follows.

Two-stage stratified random sampling

Stratified by 6 regional blocks (Hokkaido and Tohoku, Kanto, Cyubu, Kinki, Cyugoku and Sikoku) and each block stratified by 3 population sizes.
Mode of Data Collection Both face-to-face interview and placement (self-administered) method*.
* Form A and form B was used in JGSS-2003
Investigator Institute of Regional Studies at Osaka University of Commerce and Institute of Social Science at the University of Tokyo
The fieldwork was entrusted to the Central Research Services Inc.
Sponsors (Funds) The project is subsidized by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology of Japan, which designated Institute of Regional Studies at Osaka University of Commerce as a Gakujutsu-Frontier Suishinkyoten (a key institute on the frontiers of academic projects) .
Related Publications (by the Investigator) Institute of Regional Studies at Osaka University of Commerce, and Institute of Social Science at the University of Tokyo Eds., JGSS Cumulative Data 2000-2003 Codebook, 2006

Institute of Regional Studies at Osaka University of Commerce, and Institute of Social Science at the University of Tokyo Eds., JGSS Monographs (5), 2006
Related Publications (based on Secondary Analysis) List of related publications (based on Secondary Analysis)
Documentation JGSS-2000 [ Interview ] [ Placement (self-administered) ]
JGSS-2001 [ Interview ] [ Placement (self-administered) ]
JGSS-2002 [ Interview ] [ Placement (self-administered) ]
JGSS-2003 [ Interview ] [ Placement(self-administered) A ] [ Placement(self-administered) B ]
Major Survey Items
Date of Release 2021/04/15
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